SOARC Activation

C4FM Simplex Weekend July 2023


 Log your contact here.Only 1 person needs to log the contact for both to get credit. Only 1 contact can be logged at a time, but the form allows multiple submissions,

WHEN: 1700 local time Friday July 7 until midnight Sunday July 9.

WHERE: Any simplex frequency within both parties are licensed to operate. Suggest frequency 147.790

HOW: To participate you will need a Yaesu radio that has a GM button. Tune your radio to 147.790 then press the GM button. Make a contact. Log the contact on this page. A form will appear at the top of this page when the activation starts.. 

Starting 1700 local time on Friday and ending at midnight Sunday make a simplex contact on any simplex frequency and log it on the club website.

There is no required exchange.  Only 1 person needs to log the contact for both to get credit. Only 1 contact is needed to qualify.

Once the activation has completed request your certificate from

Bonus Achievement: Compare GM another such as FM, DMR, or D-STAR. Any amateur mode you want to try.

Yaesu radios that have GM or C4FM;

What is Group Monitor?

The GM uses C4FM and monitors the frequency for other stations using GM, or DN (Digital Narrow) mode. Many of the listed radios can display the direction and distance of stations heard. Check your owners manual for additional functions you can try during the activation. 

What is C4FM? 

The C4FM is continuous envelope 4-level frequency modulation. FDMA (Frequency-division multiple access) digital modulation mode is 12.5 kHz wide and provides high-speed data communication with reliable voice communication, and strong error correction.  C4FM FDMA provides a data transfer rate of 9.6 kbps.